Astro saturn by kaikaai chan-d83afmk

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 This UTAU is has not been released yet, but the date for her realese is unknown.

Her voicebank link: (being updated

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KaikaAi-Chan (talk) 18:16, October 19, 2014 (UTC)KAIKA

She is currently being worked on right now by KAIKA or KaikaAi-Chan.

Name: Astro Saturn
Age: 16
Height: 5' 5 ft
Weight: 115lb
Ethinticity: Alien/Extraterestrial/Caucasian
Voice Provider: KAIKA/KaikaAi-Chan
Voice Range: Unknown
Likes: Astrology, Sun, Moon, Stars, The Orion Nebula, Puddin Cups(Vanilla Only)
Dislikes: Rude People, Dogs, Deer, Ranch Dressing
Release Date: Unknown
Friends: Unknown


Astro is said to look like a normal human with some slight details that are a bit suprising, like the fact of her purple eyes or bright red hair but other than that she looks like an average human girl. Though her outfit and other essential parts of her are not released yet, the date of those will possibly be released within a week or so. (on october 25)


Astro's personality described by her creator, is said to be outgoing, friendly, kind and not as curious as you would think an Alien to be on a new planet. She is also said to be very comforting and can read peoples feelings and emotions quite easily. In a most cases Astro is very easy to get along with. 

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