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【UTAU VCV RELEASE】Asumi Akete 2 Mora VCV Summer Append VB and 3 Songs08:51

【UTAU VCV RELEASE】Asumi Akete 2 Mora VCV Summer Append VB and 3 Songs

Asumi vcv

Asumi VCV

Asumi vcv

Asumi VCV full

Basic Information

Name:Asumi Akete

Creator: Brian Milani or these: aishababy, or the mightyfa doesn't matter which one just still credit me if you use her

Gender: Female


Height: 5'6

Weight:110 lbs.

Race: White (idk the name for it)

Hair Color: black but purple on top with a black curl on the side of her head

Eye Color: blue

Fun Information

wears alot of male clothing often but not all the time. Clyde Amaski's twin. represented by cheesecake

Likes: Stalking people ecspecially Ashlen, playing video games, and singing

Dislikes: yelling which is very traumatic for her and Clyde,and junk food (except cheesecake of course lol)

Other info: she has a normal CV voicebank as of right now she will receive a VCV in the future


Asumi Akete Act 2:

Asumi Akete Act 3:

ASUMI Akete Act 3.5 POWER Append:

Asumi VCV:

Asumi Akete Act 4 CV:


Asumi's Act 3 Voicebank (CV) has been released Her Act 3.5 (CV) POWER Append Update Has been Released Asumi's VCV has been released

Asumi's Act 4 (CV) Has Been Released

Links- Brian Milani-Youtube


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