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Asuzana - My true self (Utau)04:59

Asuzana - My true self (Utau)

INsaNiTY - Asuzana and Azura (Utau cover)-004:56

INsaNiTY - Asuzana and Azura (Utau cover)-0

Asuzana chan

Asuzana utau

Name: Asuzana Surname: unknown Artist: Rozala Only CV
Voicebank: Rozala Creator: Rozala

Release date: ??/??-20??

Weight: ?? kg Height: 170 cm.
Genderbend: Azura Based off: Creator Voice range: Unknown Item: Unknown Nickname: Zana

Info and personality

NOTE: Futher development on this UTAU is discontinued for now.

Asuzana is a utau created by Rozala .Her male/darker voice can be refered to as "Azura".

Asuzana does support both hiragana and romanji, but her strongest is romanji, (since there is 2-3 voicefiles that doesn't work in Hiragana). Her OSO files are pretty bad at the moment, but have improved a bit. Her voiceactor is Danish, and therefore she will for obvious reasons, not sound completely Japanese. 


Creator's Youtube Channel

Creator's Deviantart

Voicebank download: Not to be released as of now.


Usage Terms:

1: Do not try to sell or in any way redistribute this voicebank, this includes claiming as your own. It is meant for free fun use only.

2: Any commercial use is not allowed unless given direct permission by her creator.

3: Any problems, damage or injuries optained from this voicebank is at own risk, and Rozala is not responsible for it.

4: Please let creator know when voicebank is used and uploaded somewere if possible, so she can see your amazing work. (Not required, but appreciated)

5: Credit Rozala if used. This both includes art, voicebank and covers.

6: Anything 18+ is not allowed unless the creator of the 18+ material is indeed 18 or older. But please avoid using her for 18+ if possible.

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