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Atlas - A book of illustrations / Top most cervical vertebra

TYPE: OGIEN Utau (OGloid)
MODEL: OG37 - The 37th model of the OGloid series

Axis (Sister), Maestra (Friend), AURA (Friend), Arina (Friend), Carmine (Friend, brother figure)

AGE 19 GENRE Electronica, Pop, House HOMEPAGE OGIEN UTAU
WEIGHT 130 lbs/ 59 kg CHARACTER ITEM One wheeled motorcycle / Lime sherbert CREATOR

Studio Ogien

BIRTHDAY March 7th LIKES Silence, baking, new technology, snow MEDIA LIST




RELEASE DATE August 23rd DISLIKES Loud noises, outdated technology, hot weather SIGNATURE SONG Zoetrope
PERSONALITY: Atlas is extremely shy and struggles with making new friends. Once her trust is gained she easily warms up to that person. She loves to bake sweets for her friends. Atlas is also crazy about Christmas, baking absurd amounts of cookies in "honor" of the holiday season. Though she is a very calm and passive person, she is an avid biker.


Currently a contest is being held for usage of Atlas OG37 and Axis OG36. Winners get a choice between a custom plush and a custom Utau box package among other prizes. More information here.

Character Design

Hair color: Knee length, powder pink hair.

Atlas OG37 Full Design

Atlas OG37 Reference

Atlas OG37 Reference

Eye color: Light green.

Headgear: Black and pink speakers are worn in the hair.

Headphones: A black, wireless microphone with green illumination in her left ear.

Body: Curvy. Average bust and chubby thighs.

Top: A dusty pink colored breast length top divided by pink metal from a white bottom, which resembles a swimsuit. The white part is embellished with pink lace down the sides of the front and at the leg. A white dress shirt collar extends from the breast top, tied with a black bow.

Footwear: Two thigh length, flat-foot boots adorned with pink stripes and half-circle lace at the top.

Other: A black cape attaches at the open back of the outfit and extends to above the knees.  Also wears a double ring on her right hand with a green ‘play’ button and a pink ‘pause’ button.

Nationality/Race: Caucasian appearance, no set race.

Voice Configuration

Atlas Box Package

Atlas Full Box Package


Japanese: The voice bank is VCV only, aliased to hiragana and romaji. She is meant to be user-friendly towards oversea users while providing a clear and easily managed voice.

  • Lullaby Append - Soft and whispery voice. VCV only. Use ↓ in the SuffixBroker to achieve this voice.
  • Endure Append - Shouting voice. VCV only. Use ↑ in the Suffixbroker to achieve this voice.

Future Voicebanks:

Cosmos: 10 Pitch CV - ???
English: 3 Pitch VCCV Summer 2015
Celestial: 10 Pitch VCV - ???
DEATHWISH: 7 Pitch Powerscale VCV - ??? 
Lullaby: 3 Pitch VCV + Falsetto - ???

MMD Models

An MMD model of Atlas has been created by Ememe-nai. She is an AMi model.

The model is up for download on her official website.

Extra Character Relations

  • Axis - Sister and best friend. They are two halves of a whole in both design, personality and voice.
  • Maestra Cantabile - Friend and colleague. The two often support one another in harmonies
  • AU-RA - Friend and colleague. They became friends early in their lives, so Atlas often refers to her as her younger sister
  • Arina - Friend and colleague. They often have long talks while styling eachother's hair
  • Carmine - Friend and colleague. The two are both very shy, so they get along well
  • Teto Kasane Idol and inspiration. Will literally faint if she ever meets her.


Studio Ogien: Atlas will appear in promotional videos and parodies uploaded by YouTube channel StudioOgien, as she (along with her sister, Axis) is the mascot of the channel and business.
Hope.Ust: Atlas has been planned to star in a small RPG called “Hope.ust“ along with Aura, Arina, Carmine, Axis, Maestra and several other over-seas Utau and Vocaloids. Set in a time where Utaus are forbidden to exist, the player maneuvers the game to uncover the key to saving the Utau program itself.


  • Atlas's full name is "Attison Roselie Ogien". Her full name is mostly for the sake of trivia and stories. For labeling purposes, only her first name is to be used.
  • She is a mascot for Studio Ogien.
  • Her favorite color is pastel green.
  • Atlas is crazy about Christmas. She bakes absurd amounts of cookies and cakes during the Christmas season, passing them out to friends.
  • She is asexual.
  • Atlas has a pet panda named "Ogi". Ogi usually appears as a chibi, often mistaken by her friends for a stuffed animal.
  • She and Axis are both sophisticated androids with faux skin and organs.

Usage Clause


  • This voice bank was made for free use. Do not attempt to use this voicebank/character commercially unless prior written permission is given from Studio Ogien.
  • Pitch bending this voice bank to create a new character (ex. Creating a male counterpart/genderbend) is prohibited unless otherwise stated by the author. Using g- to make the Utau sound younger and g+ to make her sound older are acceptable.
  • Redistribution of this voice bank is prohibited.
  • Sexual and violent depictions are okay.
  • NL, GL are okay.
  • R-18 scenarios involving this character/voice bank are forbidden unless otherwise stated by the author.


  • Use of the official illustrations/boxart images and references is permitted as long as no profit is being made from their use.
  • Changing the size, mirror reversing and other editing is allowed so long as the character remains recognizable. This means that images depicting Atlas OG37 may not be edited to resemble or create any other character.
  • Crediting the DeviantArt user LadyOgien is required when using these images!

This page was made by the creator of Atlas OG37.

Please do not change any of the info.

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