Atsune Utaaya
Atsune Utaaya

(Japanese : アツネうたアヤ )
ウタアヤ(Utaaya) means (Uta+Aya) Sound of Colour

アツネ (Atsune) means (Atsu+Ne) Sing Warm

MODEL: Lo-010
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE B2~ C#6 (Fan) Actually she has a soft-deep voice (Normally) RELATED
Oliver : Interesting Love

Miku Hatsune : B.F.F Rin Kagamine : B.F.F

Len Kagamine : Annoying Banana-Boy
AGE 12 (Normally age)

13 (Fans Age)

WEIGHT 1.55 cm CHARACTER ITEM Rainbow pillow CREATOR FanloidVocaloid123
HEIGHT 34,5 kg VOICE SOURCE FanloidVocaloid123 PICTURE LINK LIST not yet
BIRTHDAY 20.1.2005 LIKES Rainbows,cute things,Vocaloids or Utauloids in her Normally age like :OLIVER, Habiki Lui etc., Cute boys and girls and Chocolate MEDIA LIST none
RELEASE DATE 16.3.2017 DISLIKES Rude people , scary things , Miku Zatsune and dark colours SIGNATURE SONG none
ADDITIONAL INFO: She Actually is an Engloid Utauloid but her normally is Japanese. She like very much the Rainbow colour . But she is interesting for OLIVER because maybe she is fall love with him.She is a Deredere but and sometimes shy.

Supplemental Information 

  • Hair Colour : Orange-Yellow
    Utaaya Atsune 2
  • Headgear : A white headphone with wings on the side
  • Εye Colour : Orange-Yellow
  • Clothing : A light pink short dress with a dark-dark sparkle pink transparent neck.In her waist a fuchsia belt.More Informations in the Picture
  • Nationality : Japanese, English
  • Like a family: Luka Megurine,Fukase,IA , SEEU and YOHIOloid
  • Hobbies : Crazy things,drawing,take time with Fukase or another Vocaloids,reading manga,yaoi
  • Race : Human girl
  • Things she is : always Otaku,artist,singer
  • Blood type : A+
  • CatchWorld : Yay! (Beautiful etc.) = わーい ! (綺麗な 等.) How lovely! = なんて可愛らしいです ! (Japanese)


Atsune Utaaya 2

Atsune Utaaya Deviantart for FanloidVocaloid123

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