Auroraofficial by themirakuloidproject-d6fwoab

(Japanese: アウリオン アウロラ - あうりおん あうろら )
TYPE: Yggdrasilloid


FONON (Younger brother; Fellow Yggdrasilloid)

Lloyd Ryune (Best Friend)

WEIGHT 314 lbs (142.4 kg) CHARACTER ITEM None CREATOR Auriちゃん
BIRTHDAY October 28 LIKES Her master, Flying, Nature, Video games, Drawing MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE July 18, 2011 DISLIKES Fruit, Discrimination, Cities, Crowded places SIGNATURE SONG None
PERSONALITY: Aurora is the first prototype of the Yggdrasilloid series hence why her model number is 00. Despite her voice an appearance, she is actually 29. Aurora is generally a happy person with a childish and playful demeanor. She tends to be quite the airhead with anything romantic or perverted. Though she tries to understand, Aurora has a hard time comprehending when people are trying to be humorous. Aurora loves playing her best friend Lloyd Ryune. She can be a bit mischievous and shy at times especially around people she doesn't know. She usually waits for people to approach her before trying to make friends. The reason for her extremely heavy weight is because her body's not entirely organic. She will do anything to please her insane master and hates to see him unhappy. Aurora absolutely hates fruits and will throw a temper tantrum to anyone who tries to get them near her.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Red

Aurora aurion act 2 boxart by auroraaurion-d5dcd1j

Aurora Aurion boxart design

Headgear: None

Eye color: Red

Nationality: Unknown

Race: Android

Flags: Y0H0B0F0g-5

Dress: Black and white in color. Uneven boots and gloves. Sleeveless jacket with three holes in the back for Aurora's computer ports with a tube top underneath. Short length skirt with black shorts underneath.

Other Facts

  • Aurora's Wings

    Aurora's Wings Made by TheStarsAreWatching

    Aurora only acts mature when she needs to be.
  • Aurora hates it when people stare at her.
  • Aurora has wings made of mana but keeps them hidden from public because she is self conscious about them.
  • Aurora originally started out as an (not so) original/fan character for the game Tales of Symphonia.

Voice Configuration

(CV & VCV): Aurora Aurion Act 2 Voicebank Download

Her voice is somewhat light and soft, but not soft enough to be considered a whisper, kind of like a happy medium between soft and loud. It's can fit pretty much any kind of song genre. Her voicebank is a 2-mora romaji encoded VCV bank with CV and hiragana alias's made by me. She sounds best with her recommended flags *points up* but if you find something that sounds better, let me know~! Oh, and please just use the default resampler. Any other type of resampler makes her all nasally and hard to understand. As of now she is only able to sing the Japanese language, but there is plans for multiple language extentions in the future.


Coming Soon...

Act 3:

  • Better Pronunciation
  • Fixed oto.ini
  • Better Quality


  • Kharlan (Strong/Shout-like)
  • Flanoir (Soft/Whisper-like)

Confirmed Language Extensions:

  • English

Unconfirmed Language Extensions:

  • German
  • Spanish
  • Filipino

Usage Clause

Aurora Aurion was made and belongs to Auriちゃん. You must credit me if you use her. Do not steal and claim her as your own. You can modify Aurora Aurion, so long as she stays the same character (ex: modifying her image for a specific song cover). Do not steal any part of her outfit. If I notice several similarities between Aurora Aurion and your Utauloid, you will be questioned and possibly requested to remove/change your design. If you make any modifications to her voicebank, please notify me and send me the changes.  You cannot create a pitchloid from Aurora Aurion's voice. Linking back of a cover or fanart you make with her is not required, but is very much appreciated. I'm pretty lenient fanart/artwork wise. Partial nudity is okay, but anything porn-like (unless shared privately) will not be tolerated and will be asked to be deleted. Violence and gore is okay to a certain degree so long and it is non-discriminatory. Aurora Aurion was created for entertainment purposes and is not to be used for commercial use without permission. Do not use her name, profile, or image for any role-playing accounts, blogs, forums, online games, etc. unless it is the author themself or unless the author gives authorized permission.

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