Ayaka Yukimura

Japanese: 雪村 彩花 - Yukimura Ayaka

彩花 Ayaka - Colour petal
雪村 Yukimura - Snow village

MODEL: 0.1




Dashte Gokoeno [Close friend]

Minori Chiaki [Girlfriend]



Ayaka - Youtube

WEIGHT 115 lbs. (52 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Sakura Flower CREATOR Andrew McKnight
HEIGHT 5'6"feet (152.4cm) VOICE SOURCE Andrew McKnight PICTURE LINK LIST Ayaka Project Diva Concept

Cats, Pasta of many sorts, Drawing, Cooking, History, Math, Friends, Tigers, The colour Orange, Caring for loved ones, Dancing, Holidays,

RELEASE DATE Not Available Yet DISLIKES Bullies/Jerks, Annoying people, Vegetables, Most other foods besides Fruits/Junk food/Pasta, The colour Yellow, SIGNATURE SONG N/A

PERSONALITY: Ayaka is a kind, sweet natured girl whom sings idly. She adores animals, but cats are her favourite. Minori has been her best friend ever since they were kids. Dashte came into the picture a while before the two even met. But, they all get along great as a best friend trio.

Ayaka can be a little short tempered, but not most of the time. She's pretty tolerant. Kids are always a pleasure to have around. She loves pasta a lot and loves to cook with Minori.

She is a big romancist, loves kids, and is nice to everyone as best she can. She has great abilities in the normal things people do, and enjoys singing and dancing when no one is around. She’s shy about herself. She puts others before herself, but yet she loves to pick on them. She doesn’t like people for a while, and it takes a long time for her to truly open up to someone.

She’s terrified of thunder, and practically goes into a body shut down, and mental freak out mode. She’ll hide under anything and everything, or in things.. Strawberries are her secret obsession.

Her favorite food is pasta, and most of what she eats is Italian.

Hates vegetables.

Can be pretty clingy at times. She’s clingy on the account of she has abandonment issues. Being left behind in the past by all those she held dear and loved really took a pounding to her heart. So now, whenever she finds someone new, she tends to hold onto them in some sort of way out of fear that they’ll either disappear, or leave.

Loves physical contact with her loved ones.

When something’s on her mind, she plays-with, tugs-at, or does something that involved her ears.

Easily cries when being yelled at.

She can be a bit of a germaphobiac or neat freak at times.

She wears glasses from time to time. Mainly and really only when reading does she need them or use them. Most of the time she forgets to put them on, eitherway.

Supplemental Information

Hair: Orange. Hair is tied to one ponytail to the left side of her head.
Eye Color: Green
Dark orange and blue rocker vest with a short black tie. Black and blue gloves. Black short shorts with a blue belt. Blue and orange leg warmers that end past the knee and black and gold shoes.
Race/Nationality: Caucasian/British-American

Voice Bank

This UTAU is still in production...

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