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Ben ( ベン ) new utau release will take place on 30 July.


Character: Bleak, nihilists selfish loner. Very clever and cunning.

Likes: Quiet places are not crowded, roses, music, opera houses, the dark tones of clothing, poisonous green, balanced / calm / peaceful people, puppet / doll his sister.

Hates: the noise, the bustle, the sun, the heat, too cheerful / annoying people singing crooked, lying, other utauloidov.

The attitude to his sister:

Ben feels a great responsibility towards his sister, has the ability to sometimes do not trust and verify the people with whom she communicates. Kind and caring only for her, but otherwise see Ben kindness is to do with his sister simply unrealistic.


  • Has respect for Vocaloid: Kaito, Dex, Luka Megurine, Yohioloid, Maika, Oliver.
  • He has respect for fanmade: Taito, Kageito, Kagene Rei & Rui, Zatsune Miku, Zeito.
  • Respects utau: Rook.
  • Sympathy: Voice Megurine Luka's.
  • Nickname: Ben Black (ベ ン · ブ ラ ッ ク)

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