Basic Information

Beigul is the first UTAU created by Ceruleanboxes. She looks like a tall, effeminate man, but with large breasts. Beigul finds the normal life boring, so she plots to thwart the plans of everyone else. These plans usually backfire and end up causing her to help people instead, so people think she comes off as cute, much to her dismay.

Age: 862 years old Race: Half human, half centaur. Often referred to as a "Quarter Horse", which she dislikes
Height: 6'4 Weight: Surprisingly not much
Voiced by: Ceruleanboxes Can be found at:

Ceruleanboxes's channel on Youtube

CeruleanBoxes's page on Deviantart

DwessieMMD's channel on Youtube (Appears there sometimes)

Likes: Corn (Character item), Winter, Snow, the cold, Icicles, Icicles used as weapons, Shinies, videogames, music, Thwarting plans. Dislikes: Being mooched from by Matoko Laikopin, Matoko's obsession with her brother, plan thwarting being thwarted, facepalming too hard, boring things.


Clothing: A pink bikini top with long blue shorts. The shorts have a large zipper on the side which is the only thing keeping them on. There is nothing under the shorts except for an inflatable censor bar. She also wears blue high heels, knowing full well that she's tall enough without them.

Headgear: Super long ears. That is all.

Hair: Short, choppy and green. Super shiny. She has a horse's tail (Not a ponytail, a legitimate tail) that matches.

Eyes: The color of wheat. (Golden-yellow)