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Bera Rabetto's Box Cover

Bera Rabetto

(Japanese:ベララベット (Rabetto Bera)


ベラ(Bera; Bella) creator's first name

ラベット(Rabetto; Lovett) creator's last name



GENDER: Female


RELATED CHARACTERS: Rorentsuo Rabetto (younger brother, fellow UTAUloid), Kagene Rei (crush/love interest)

AGE: 13



WEIGHT: Watashi no koto o kikanaide! (she doesn't like discussing her weight)

CHARACTER ITEM: Viola or Grape Soda

CREATOR: Smoochum5770

HEIGHT: 5'1" (

VOICE SOURCE: Smoochum5770 (that is her voice.)


BIRTHDAY: April 28, 1998

LIKES: Fun, Pie, Food, Sleeping, Singing, Playing her viola

MEDIA LIST: None yet

RELEASE DATE: April 28, 2011

DISLIKES: the color pink, perverts, people who mock her, people who call her ignorant, fighting

SIGNATURE SONG: Mozaik Role (still in a process)

PERSONALITY: Bera is one of the people that you do not want to make mad. She will bug you for days about it. Other than that, she is a very nice girl who is not very feminine and plays the viola. She will get mad at you if you call it a violin. She likes to sing lower songs but she will sing a high pitched song if needed. She will always be seen trying to make people laugh with her personality and sense of humor. She will make very awkward faces and comments at wrong times so, watch out!

Hair Color: Black with Purple and Yellow at each tip and in pigtails

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Earphones: None, she has ribbons in her hair

Dress: see picture

Nationality/Race: Italian-Japanese

Favorite Phrase: Muchi ga, watashi wa sore o shōsan suruga, watashi wa sore o motte iru hitsuyō wa arimasen. (Ignorance, I admire it but I don't want to have it.)

  • She plays the viola
  • She is actually well friends with the Vipperloids, some of the Vocaloids, and a few UTAUloids
  • She seems to take care of children for friends
  • Her voice range can go from a Tenor to a Soprano, and everything in between
  • Most of the time for her master, she sings in falsetto to make her happy
  • She has a younger brother who has not been released yet

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