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Bethany Cole

Creator's name
TYPE: none
MODEL: none
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE C#3~G#4 (Depends on voicebank) RELATED
Emiko (Best Friend),Elizabeth Cole,Ben Cole, Eli Cole, Izumi
AGE 17 GENRE unspecified HOMEPAGE none
WEIGHT 182 lbs CHARACTER ITEM White Daisy, Cotton Candy CREATOR Bethany Cole
HEIGHT 5'2" VOICE SOURCE Bethany Cole PICTURE LINK LIST 1447515965660.png
BIRTHDAY March 8th LIKES Strawberries, Cotton candy, drawing, Emiko, Namine Ritsu (crush) MEDIA LIST
RELEASE DATE March 8th, 2015 DISLIKES Bullying, pickles SIGNATURE SONG Glory 3usi9
ADDITIONAL INFO: Personality: Bethany is very shy, but has a great passion for singing and dancing. She was bullied as a kid, causing her to always stay away from most people, the only exception is Emiko. She met Emiko after she stopped people from bulling her. Soon after, they became best friends; practically sisters. Bethany loves to sing and dance but because of past experiences, she's extremely shy and sounds slightly muffled when she sings. She wants to be as good as the others, but doubts her singing abilities, even when people enjoy it. She has a crush on Namine Ritsu, and is afraid to admit it. She's always seen with a white daisy and she binge eats strawberries.

Catch phrase: Love has no Limits/Ai wa nani no seigen mo arimasen/愛は何の制限もありません


Character Design

Bethany Cole
Her blue and pink hair was originally 
supposed to be a music staff and she usually dresses in light colors or pink and purple


To get her genderbend, Ben Cole, use g+26 on any of her voicebanks

Here are her CVVC voicebanks:

CVVC Beta-

CVVC Heart-

CVVC Heartbroken-

Don't use those, they are old and bad.

All of Bethany's voicebanks are here

  • Includes both of her voicebanks, and a sweet append.
  • All are currently CV.
  • Be sure to read the readme files for info on how to use her!~
  • Works for Windows only, so adjustments are needed for Mac
  • romaji and hiragana coded

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