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Ringo Lineart

Base by amuchii-bases @ DA

Basics/Profile Information

Name - Biruden Ringo (林檎 - "Apple")

Age - 16

Gender - Female

DOB/Release Date - April 9th

Height - 5' 1" (~155 cm)

Weight - 100 lbs. (~45.36 kg)

Bust Size - 32 A

Eyes - Neon Green (L.), and Red (R.)

Hair - Hot Pink

Skin - Pale/Fair


Ringo likes keeping her hair long, and slightly wavy, and she likes to keep an 'ahoge' as well. She always wears an apple-shaped barette in her hair. Ringo wears a gray, sleeveless top with two black clips that attach to her long armwarmers. Her armwarmers go well past her hands, though she doesn't seem to mind. She also has an apple-shaped pin on the chest of her shirt, as well as an apple-shaped buckle on the belt of her shorts. She also likes wearing flipflops, especially ones with little apples on the tops of them.


Bright, Bubbly, Sweet & Kind. Those are the best ways to describe Ringo. She's bursting with energy, and loves to sing out of nowhere. She absolutely loves doing anything involving her friends, and will lend a sympathetic ear when needed. Though a bit immature at times, she's smart and extremely talented.

Misc. Information

Character Item - Apples

Associated Color[s] - Red, Green, Black & Pink

Likes - Sweet Things, Pink, Dogs.

Dislikes - Big Breasts.

Voice Type - Medium-High

Song Type[s] - Pop, Upbeat

Append[s] - N/A


  • Ringo is controlled by the same girl who made Yukari, though Yukari's creator did not make Ringo's voicebank.
  • Ringo's last name is the rough Japanese pronunciation of her creator's last name.
  • Ringo is Yukari's girlfriend.
  • Ringo is bisexual.


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