Brittany...well...has a voice generated completely by computers. She was made this way to preserve as much time as possible. Brittany tends to get into fights, and wins most of the time. She has a pet Siren, and they tend to troll people together online. She tends not to sing, unless directed to because of her "Robo-Voice".

What's up with her name?

She was made at the age of 6 by Ebflover777, with a computer generated name, originally appearing with white hair in two low-hanging buns with a white & blue wizard outfit. Ebflover777 eventually decided on a pink marlet with a white flower for hair, and with a blue & purple dress. Her shoes are brown steampunk boots.

Voice & Character Use

Use her for anything

Character Design and Picture

Untitled drawing by ritaxvictor-da5ncp5

Download Link

Edited Edition II

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