Bura Kreuzung UTAU1
Bura Kreuzung (Japanese: 子サテンブラ - こサテンブラ - Kosaten Bura)

Kreuzung (German meaning for crossing)
Bura (Play on word from creator's Japanese name) - Also known as Bura-san

TYPE: クロイズ-loid

MODEL: C- (C- indicating the "power" symbol that Bura affiliates himself with; can be found on the back of the right side of his hip; affiliated with a tramp-stamp further indicating Bura's perverted nature)

GENDER Male (10% animal, 20% human, 70% robot/andriod) VOICE RANGE C4~A#2 RELATED CHARACTERS

Shizuka Hyuga (friend)

CHEYenne (unrelated sister)


157 (since he is a form of articficial life he will not die until destroyed)

19 (estimated age)

GENRE All (varies according to voicebanks) HOMEPAGE Owner's deviantART page

217 lbs (because of his skin being made out of a similar substance to titanium)

CHARACTER ITEM None CREATOR Bura-san (voice provider and creator)
HEIGHT 6'1" feet (around 186 cm) VOICE SOURCE Bura-san PICTURE LINK LIST



BIRTHDAY December 29, 1856 (estimated date of birth December 29, 1994) LIKES Candy, guys, not keeping his hands to himself, coffee, drawing, etc. MEDIA LIST



RELEASE DATE August 15, 2013 DISLIKES Mean people, harsh violence, spiders, warm seats, the dark, etc. SIGNATURE SONG None
PERSONALITY: Bura is a very mischievous and strange person.  More often than not, he can be found hugging onto his boyfriend, Zeb Isao, and is overall a well-respected guy.  However, due to his several mental disorders, it is hard for him to deal with any kind of stress, anxiety, phobias, and has violent reactions to certain memories due to PTSD.  He also has a very difficult time restraining from making a gay joke every 10 seconds and can not keep his hands to himself.

1 Supplemental Information

2 Estimated Age/Weight

3 Voice Configuration

4 Future or Upcoming Plans

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Light-dark brown
Headgear: Cat ears physically attached to his head.
Eye color: Orchid purple (usually with no pupil).
Earphones: None
Dress: Pink long-sleeve undershirt with purple top, lime green tie, rainbow hairband, faded blue jeans, and brown shoes. (design differs from each VoiceBank though)
Nationality/Race: English, German, Welsh, Dutch, British, Polish, etc.

Throughout seasons, Bura will show more and more skin; fall is a long sleeve shirt with longs blue jeans, winter is a long coat with purple under armour shirt with very long jeans, spring is a semi sleeveless shirt and long shorts, and summer is his usual dress.  His markings indicating that he is a robot can be seen during some of fall, some of spring, and all of summer.

Estimated Age/Weight

Bura's actual weight and age is 217 lbs and 157 years of age, but because Bura-san loves to make completely ridiculous information for his characters, an estimated age and weight have been supplied.

For his age, his looks are estimated to be around 19 or 20.  As for his weight, it is estimated to be about 185 lbs or 84 kg.

These are not his official height and weight and should be taken seriously as Bura-san clearly wants to leave his official info as so.

Voice Configuration

ACT1-  First official voicebank; released on August 15, 2013; includes a simple mono-pitch CV voicebank with amateur OTOing; download here:

ACT2 - Second take of ACT1; not going to be released.

VCV - First VCV voicebank; includes an amateur mono-pitch VCV voicebank; additional "Extras" and "Breath" folder, as well as "strong" vowels; downloaded here:

Future or Upcoming Plans

Upcoming Voicebanks (not in order of priority):


In-Progress Voicebanks (not in order of priority):


Planned Voicebanks (not in order of priority):

Pyiro KINDLE VCV, Pyiro FLARE CV-VV, Pyiro CRACKLE CV-VCV, Bion VCV ACT1, Bion TANTRUM CV-VV, Fugira ACT1 CV-VV, Fugira ♀ CV-VC, Fugira ♂ CV-VC, Fugira AMBIGUOUS CV-VV, Bura ELATED VCV, Bura ADAM CV-VC, Bion CV-VV ACT2, CHEYenne English CV-VC, Pastel CV-VCV ACT1, Pastel MODERN VCV

Private Voicebanks:

TES CV, Shoujou CV, Shounen CV

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