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Burieno Wakayama

Burieno Wakayama, Wakayama Burieno- 若山ぶりえの

Gender- Male

Voice Range- 60- 120

Related Characters: Yukina Neko (girlfriend), Yuko Masu (best friend) Yukinari Neko ( enemy)

Age: 13

genre- pop, romantic

HomePage: this wikia

weight- 100 lbs.

Character item: Curry and rice

Creator: Susen Nakoi

height: 5'0

Voice Source- Kaito Yamamoto

Picture link- coming to this wikia

Birthday: 7- 8- 1999

Likes: Being romantic, crafting gold, fighting

Media: coming to youtube

Release date: 7- 9- 12

dislikes: Yukinari Neko, being used.

signature songs: Just a sister or annoying. Shut up.

Trivia: The voices of Yuko Masu and Burieno Wakayama, are brother and sister. Rokupi and Kaito Yamamoto.

Burieno's name is a pun on Buriena which is japanese for rude.

Personality: Burieno is seen to be quiet and a loner, but you get to know him he is Nice and friendly and really romantic. Yoku is most commonly seen to be with him, as they are best friends, they grew up as brother and sister, but his real heart belongs to Yukina. Yukinari however he feels, is a tiny clumsy little boy who does not know how to be nice to a lady.

Hair color: dark aqua

Headpiece: none

eye color: Yellow

headphones: None, but he uses a microphone, since he is never seen doing full dances.

dress: He wears a black shirt with an aqua sash, and a Gold pin that says Love in japanese, with dark aqua pants, and a grey side belt with a pin.

Favorite phrase: Damare. (shut up)

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