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Chibi calypso by silvercelestt777-d5h80qu

C1-Calypso is a laid back and cheerful girl who onced wished to be a Vocaloid. After realizing that her dream would never happen, she decided to bake cupcakes instead. Calypso is very willing to do things for people, but often misunderstands things, and can be a bit clingy. She has a secret love for cosplay and has a stuffed bat that has a different name almost every time she talks to it, but the most reoccurring name is Minu.

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Item: Cupcake

Phrases: "I guess it's just you and me, Minu. You'll play with me, right?" "Huh. Guess that was a bad idea." "Cheer up, please!"

Voicebank: Yet to be created

Likes: Baking Cupcakes, Making Tea, Cosplay, Minu

Dislikes: Muffins, Being Ignored

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