CV UTAU recording sounds

To make a voicebank for UAU, you need to record phonic sounds. CV stands for consonant-vowel, which means that there is 1 or 2 consonants in front of each phonic other than n, a, I, u, e and o. RECLIST: a i u e o ka ki ku ke ko sa shi su se so ta chi tsu te to na ni nu ne no ha hi fu he ho ma mi mu me mo ya yu yo ra ri ru re ro wa n

ga gi gu ge go za ji zu ze zo da de do ba bi bu be bo

pa pi pu pe po

kya kyu kyo sha shu sho cha chu cho nya nyu nyo hya hyu hyo mya myu myo rya ryu ryo

gya gyu gyo ja ju jo bya byu byo

pya pyu pyo fya fyu fyo

ye kye she che nye hye mye rye gye je bye pye

wi we wo tsa tsi tse tso fa fi fe fo

si zi

ti di tyu dyu

tu du

va ve vi vo vu

breathe-in breathe-out

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