Cancer's character design

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(Japanese: カンセルカファカ)

|- |colspan="6"|NAME INTERPRETATION:
- Combining the name of a disease and the surname of author Franz Kafka to make an allegory about Cancer's ailement. |- |colspan="6"|TYPE: UTAUloid
MODEL: 75 - (Joke about how many times it took to record Cancer's voice bank) |- |align="center"|GENDER |Male |align="center"|VOICE RANGE |G3 and up (Cancer's voice has trouble with deeper sounding notes, On another note, his voice sometimes borderlines sounding female.) |align="center"|RELATED CHARACTERS |Yokune Ruko (secret crush) |- |align="center"|AGE |20 |align="center"|GENRE |Pop, Electronica, New Wave |align="center"|HOMEPAGE |NONE |- |align="center"|WEIGHT |135 lbs (61 kg) |align="center"|CHARACTER ITEM |UNKNOWN |align="center"|CREATOR |Brandon Gray |- |align="center"|HEIGHT |5'11" (180 cm) |align="center"|VOICE SOURCE |Brandon Gray |align="center"|PICTURE LINK LIST |CONCEPT ART, PIAPRO, PIXIV, +ziga+kafka DEVIANT ART, _ziga GELBOORU, +ziga+kafka&as_epq=カンセルカファカ GOOGLE IMAGE, %20ziga%20kafka PHOTOBUCKET |- |align="center"|BIRTHDAY |August 11, 1991 |align="center"|LIKES |Yokune Ruko plastic robot model kits,doughnuts (Ruko is Cancer's secret crush, and his main hobby is bulding robot model kits. Doughnuts are his favorite food.) |align="center"|MEDIA LIST |NICO NICO DOUGA, +ziga+kafka+%22カンセルカファカ%22 YOUTUBE |- |align="center"|RELEASE DATE |August 20, 2011 |align="center"|DISLIKES |Medicine, people pulling on his tail (Due to his ailement, he really hates having to keep up with taking all the pills he needs to take.) |align="center"|SIGNATURE SONG |NONE |- |colspan="6"|PERSONALITY: Cancer's appearance can be misleading. Despite looking fierce and contemptful, he is a rather shy person, and often clams up when he's an a group of people. He also suffers from an unknown ailement that causes him to cough up blood from time to time, sometimes affecting his singing. He's open about being a kitsune, and likes being around Yokune Ruko. He reufuses to take his crown off, which might hint at him being a king of kitsune Yokai. |}

Voicebank download can be found here

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Steel gray
Headgear: Ziga Crown
Eye color: Purple
Earphones: none
Dress/Outfit: Black tunic with purple trim, black tights tucked into black rider boots with prupe trim, with black arm gloves.
Others: (CHANGEME)
Nationality/Race: Kitsune

Voice Configuration

Some details are based on existing information and usage experience. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.ere!

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