Carmen Star

Carmen Star (カルメンスター)

Type: Utau

Gender: Female Voice Range: Not relesed.

Cassei Eden (best friend)

Brooke (friend)

Carlos Star (brother)

Age: 19 Genre: pop Website: ?
Weight: Unknown Character Item: Star fruit.


Mary Jane

Release Date: May 15, 2012

Likes: Reading, Exploring, Going on Vacation, The beach, Being with people I like, Trying new thing

Dislikes: Being called a Mary Sue, seeing people being treated unfairly, over crowded places, rainy days.

Signature Song:

Romeo and Cinderella

=====Personality: Carmen is a second year university student. She's trying to get her degree but studying Biology, Physics and Chemistry. When she was in grade school she got straight A's and is now only getting C's which makes her frustrated and that leads to other problems. She is very down to earth but at the same time a bit mischievous which is a good thing in her case because she likes to explore and learn about new things the world has to offer. Often, she's called a Mary Sue; that's the one thing that pisses her off because she's quite the opposite from it. Sure she's clever and pretty but she has many flaws when it comes to physical activity and has a poor vocabulary. Carmen really likes to be outside at night. Why? Because of the stars of course! That's the one thing that has always made her happy is the stars. Especially when she's looking at them with someone she loves. She spends most of her free time in her library reading science fiction, she even has a whole wall filled with just that! Carmen is hoping to be a scientist by 2017.=====

Voicebank: not being revealed.

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