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The AILoids are a group of UTAUloids designed, voiced, and/or technically directed by a group of three high school art students based in Miami, Florida. Each capital letter stands for the three members Adrian, Ika, and Lulu, in no particular order of importance.

There are three types of character groups for each member.

  • The Tribaloids belong to Adrian. Each UTAUloid in this group is a character designed with tribal influence in mind. Different character concepts are being developed, and multiple cultural types are considered.
  • Lulu has an established fantasy-inspired group of characters without a particular name. Adrian likes to refer to them as the Lululoids.
  • Ika has no particular group per say. One voicebank was made using Ika's voice, which, with flag manipulation, includes a set of twin boys. Ika has not shown interest in creating any other vocal characters, but it is not set in stone whether or not Ika won't make new UTAUloids.

The group is currently not open for extraneous technical directors or character designers. Perhaps in the future will these positions be open, depending on the consent of the three producers. :)

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