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although she has Welsh blood as well as Japanese, she doesnt know any english because she was made with a learning software installed to her memory card, and she has never heared anyone speak english so the learning software has not saved it.

her processor allows her to look up information in less than 0.0000000000000000000000000000000001 seconds.

she takes a while to change emotions, and doesnt understand sarcasm

Her signal transmitters on either side of her head pick up vibrations and amplify them, so if there is a noise too loud or high pitched,  her transmitters will vibrate so much that they may break, they act as speakers, wifi antennae, magnets and also send texts and calls, also, her charge jack is on the top of the transmitter

if she breaks, her fast processor rebuilds her, as she runs on both robotics, but also some minor amount of magic

she is often misunderstood and thought to be rude and ignorant

she is tall utau, who only eats teriyaki dango's and nothing else

has a zero gravity function

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