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Bankon Jam Media emblem
Bankon Jam Media is a group of utau-users, who create a group of utau, draws arts and write the story for them.

There are:

  • emoPaladin
  • dreamsReaper
  • hcloMaster (or HClO)
  • Chornaya Drakoshig (Ajris Donoma's creator)
  • whitefirePrincess (or Koe; Areku's, Azemi's and Koetree's creator)
  • Kirano-Heta Phantom (Nika Kirano's and Suverenitete's creator)
  • AiDeXinn (Shiki's creator)
  • Memoka (Misao Serai's and Ritsu da Rito's creator)
  • Dima Tumali (Vetka's creator)
  • Leo Glenn (Hannah's Regret's creator)
  • Lemon (Kagari Ner's and Sata's creator)
  • Dragon Solitaire (or Nyanket:3 ; Sango Akemiko's creator)

Also they have their own wikia on Russian language [here], and public VK [here ].

Now this group divides into 10 small groups and includes:
Jarloids Jamloids Fruitloids Phoneloids Private and cancelled
HClOids emoPaladin's UTAU dreamsReaper's UTAU whitefirePrincesse's UTAU Another utauloids

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