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Alias/aka: Ice Pearl Gem Project

This group was created by kccabesas-p/UTAUShuchouOfficial. These voicebanks came from General Santos City, Phillipines. These UTAUloids were below 14 years old.

  • GEMloid 01 - Koritama Shuchou - one of the useful voicebanks. Her voice range is C#4. She's one of the most popular GEMloid. The most popular vb append is her Original and Chime.
  • GEMloid 02 - Koritama Erizuru - this is Shuchou's younger sister. Voiced by the creator's younger sister. Her vb's are DEEP and HEAVEN.
  • GEMloid 03 - Alice Moreau (SOON)

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