Hikari Koe

Hikari Koe depicted by her author in paint

Hikari Koe is a UTAU yet to be created, and so she does not have a voice bank, and it might take a few years . She will have white hair down to her ankles, wear a black shirt similar to MEIKO's but black, and not showing cleavage or her stomach. She will wear black mini-shorts, and white shoes, with black knee-socks. She will also wear black, fingerless gloves that reach her elbows. She will also occasionally wear glasses. Her other outfit choice is a school girl uniform resembling Yuki Nagato's. Her personality is very shy. She can be friendly and a good aly if you are nice to her. She is quite diffrent from the other UTAUs as she was once a human. While she was alive, she was very sick and this was the cause of her death. The doctors however heard her sing and thought it quite beautiful so they removed part of her brain and her vocal chords and the like and built an android who is quite human-like. Her name literally means Light Voice. She will have a very gentle voice. She is supposed to be able to speak Latin, Japanese, and English. We will see how she turns out. Her nationality is Japanese, and she has love for Len Kagamine, this much more than Neru Akita's or any others fangirls crush on Len, and is true love. Supposedly, Hikari met Len when she was human, her sickness was not contagious, and she snuck out of the hospital. She met Len one day, and the two became fast friends, she developed a love for him. When they transferred her to the android/cyborg body this love passed over. She is far too shy to confess however. Her item is a white rose, or a book. She likes white chocolate, herbal tea, Suigintou from Rozen Maiden,, and rice. Her concept design is created by SaphireArella. HER VOICE BANK IS NOT CREATED YET. She is supossed to be Haku Yowane's sister, but this is NOT official.

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