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Created by KiaishiNoKure

Voicing help by Xei

Story by KiaishiNoKure and Laifu

All of them are androids, meant to substitute a real person. No matter the reason, they are mostly built after non-living persons to fill the empty space which resulted from the death of the human.

Brief information on specific SUBLOiDs

Wakamono Kuroi (A043.5) First SUBLOiD made, Release date: 11th April 2012

Wakamono Shiroi (A043) First SUBLOiD designed, Release date: 11th April 2012

Sho Sakurai (AF-3407) First successful SUBLOiD, Release date: 17th July 2012

Kazuhiko Sakurai (A-00) The only joke SUBLOiD who is supposed to make others sound better. Release date:18th November 2012

Isamu Chino (FA-3103) First SUBLOiD voiced by another person than the project creator (Voice source: Xei Song) Release date: 9th December 2012

Alice Tanaka (FA-3001) First female subloid. (Voice source: Xei Song) Not released yet.

Lara (A-027) First female subloid voiced by the creator. Not released yet.

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