UTAU SoundScape is a work-in-progress UTAU group created by Shinami and Chihaya, also joined by several friends. A website is still in the works and should be up by late 2012. A logo is also in development.

The purpose of this group is to have a large variety of UTAU voicetypes all available on one site under one label. While currently the only voice providers in the group are female, many of them have male UTAUs planned and seek to eventually rope a male voice donor into the project as well. Every range and type of voice (Stronger, softer; suited to ballad, suited to J-rock; etc) is planned and should provide UTAU users with high-quality voicebanks.

Currently Kaisho Kenage and Kimusume Bion by Shinami alongside Mona Minarai by Cola are released, and Eien Seiiki was adopted by Chihaya and brought into the group since he was abandoned by AYA (However, he will still get voicebank updates since his voicer has agreed to continue voicing).

Lucas, a tritone CV male voiced by Shinami's little brother, is in the recording process, though Shinami is focusing more on a VCV bank for a strong female named Leil, who has demos of her first pitch on Shinami's Soundcloud. Also, Nari, a reverse-trap VCV female, is in the recording and designing process as well with Chihaya.

For upcoming updates on already-released USSloids, check their individual pages.

For any information on UTAU SoundScape or the UTAUloids and users involved, please contact Shinami at UTAforum, YouTube, deviantART, or email. Email is the best option as Shinami takes frequent hiatuses from the community sites.

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