This is a sorting of voicebanks by their country of origin.

Sorting precedence:

  1. If the producer is not a resident of the originating country where the voicebank came from, the originating country is used. This could however be overridden by the author himself/herself on occasion.
  2. Producer nationality alone cannot be used as the basis for the country of origin for the voicebank. (but the character nationality can be asserted regardless)
  3. The producer's country of origin is determined either by their DeviantArt, YouTube or NicoNicoDouga profiles. The only other thing that takes precedence over this is statements by the producer/voicebank author.
  4. If the voice donor and voicebank producer has different nationalities, the voicebank will be said to be produced in the country where the voicebank producer came from, but the character will have the nationality preference of the voice donor.


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