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Nsoj boku no candy oneshot 001 large


RELATED CHARACTERS | DAR9K (Her new friend) kaszna (PARTNER) AGE |17 |

GENRE |scary creepy songs

WEIGHT |129 lbs (58 kg) |

CHARACTER ITEM |her long katana 

|CREATOR |Manami Riko

|HEIGHT |5'9" (175 cm)

|VOICE SOURCE |Manami Riko

BIRTHDAY |june 16

LIKES | Corome's cards, neko's, blue eyes and pink

DISLIKES |when people don't get to be died, dogs, neko's that are treated as dirt


PERSONALITY:she won't say a word to you unless you be nice her world is in her dreams she does not like to over sleep and she mosly has nightmares about her parents so her parents were killed by FK593DIE 

Nsoj boku no candy oneshot 001 large

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