Cenny Rei (レイ セニ)

Real Name: Solomon Rei (レイ ソロモン)

Interpretation: Play on words with English words sun and ray.


Unknown; Rather becalled a 'he', however.

Voice Range


(After the set range Cenny gets really whiny)

Related Charactes

Lunar Rei (Soulmates)

Juunigatsu Rokubi


Age 16 Genre Soft Pop, Choir Homepage
Weight 130 lbs Character Item Sun Ring Creator Ceniza.Ware
Height 5'8 Voice Source Ceniza.Ware Picture Link List N/A
Birthday December 26 Likes

Lunar, books, sports, singing, spicy and tart food, writing

Media List N/A
Realease Date Dislikes Lunar, sweet foods,  Signature song N/A


Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown. Wears large glasses

Nationality: American

Favortive Phrases: "..."

"I rather not talk about it"

"I'm surrounded by a high-pitched oaf, Ugh, Lunar"



Solomon's gender is a kind of a mystery. Most call him Cenny as an endearing nickname, he rather be called Solomon though. Lunar calls him Rei Solomon. Lunar and Cenny are nearly complete opposites. They aren't related or look the same either. They love and hate each other. They can't stand each other at times but can't stand being apart either. Solomon is a the down to earth character. He'll take cares of anyone in need. He loves singing, but he wished all the songs weren't so high-pitched. Most of the times he has his head on straight but sometimes he's a mess.    

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