Chiisaira used to be only an avatar from her creator in a social purposed page called Tinierme, but now she advenced to be an UTAU too.

Chii's page:

Although Chii's an UTAU, she can be used to tag along with fanloids (which it makes a doubt that if she is an UTAU or a fanloid).


Chii can be hyper and entertaining, she comes back home really late because she has some things to do (she comes back after lunch time). If she's annoyed, she can be stressed, but when it's more that her limit, she can be other person (and bbecause of it, she can be Yandere). If Chii forgets something like to finish her homework, none other UTAU can talk to her because she's focused ONLY with her homework. Although being pretty hard, she has a soft side, but she's half tsundere.

Likings: Practicing with her guitar, having fun in otaku conventions, feeling free.

Dislikings: Way to serious people, being sick, perverted persons.

She's an expert when making graffitis.

Design and personal data

Age: 15

Hair: Chocolate and straight, but it's curly at the end.

Eyes: Aqua (the way her creator would make her eyes, her lashes would end pointing up).

Clothing: Punk style pink dress with pins under a black vest, a white tie, black spiked gloves showing her fingers, shoes with a lot of zippers, snowflake looking earrings and a hairpin with the Fa note shape.


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