Chiku Shatsune

Chiku Shatsune

'Chiku Shatsune'

(ital.: ciku sciatsune; ger.: tschikü schatsüne)

  • VOICE RANGE Unknown
  • GENDER Female
  • AGE 14
  • WEIGHT 32 kg
  • CHARACTER ITEM chocolate
  • CREATOR NamiChaan
  • VOICE SOURCE NamiChaan
  • BIRTHDAY 21. December
  • LIKES kawaii things, be annoying to other people
  • DISLIKES mean people
  • MEDIA LIST YouTube
  • FIRST SONG Silent Night (Japanese)
  • LANGUAGES japanese, english, german, italian
    Chiku Shatsune - Love is war Kore wa sensou03:57

    Chiku Shatsune - Love is war Kore wa sensou

    Love is War


Chiku is very active and she loves to get to someone's nerves. She is very naughty, cheeky and has always ideas and unhappily also nonsense in her head. Chiku can't speak very well with boys. If any cute boy is in her near, she begins to make stupid things, like poking him, because of her nervousness. Everyone hides the chocolate, when she is in the near. If she would eat the chocolate, she would be the most anoying thing on this earth and nobody wants to become her something like that.

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