Chimamere Shimobe
ALIAS: Shimobe- servant Chimamere-bloody

TYPE: utau MODEL: -02 stamped on right shoulder.

AGE 14 GENRE covers most genres HOMEPAGE NONE
WEIGHT 102 lbs CHARACTER ITEM eyepatch, meat cleaver, fangs... CREATOR ....

go to

and pm Shotashota02 for more concept art

BIRTHDAY october 30th LIKES bloody steak, Kagamines, Bunnies, weapons, blood, mental asylums, and circuses. MEDIA LIST ....
RELEASE DATE ? DISLIKES girly people, shota/loli-cons, people who want to make her into something she know's she isn't. SIGNATURE SONG



PERSONALITY: lolita outside, psycho inside, but nice when you get to know her. She protects her friends as a servant would a royalty. She is yandere, and her favorite weapon is her meat cleaver with a black handle and 2 yellow and red ribbons tied on the handle. She swears to kill anyone who really pisses her off, and writes them down on "The List" as she calls it. Dispite this, she is quite a sweet and strange girl.


hair: black in a pony tail held up with a turquoise ribbon. she has a giant streak of yellow in the right side of her bangs has a tiny piece of hair sticking up from the top of her head.

eyes: one yellow, the other is covered up with an eyepatch that is supposed to, when taken off, release her inner insanity. the eye is red, with a black cross.

Base 41 by CheeseburgerLuff

clothing: white tube top, seperate collar, white, with black tie with red cross. poofy skirt, black, with a checkered yellow and black design only in the middle of it. fisnet stockings, black shoes. has poofy handcuffs on each wrist. (yellow and black) most things are bloodstained.

Notable things:

nicknames: Chi, Chima, Shimobe-chan, chi-chan, chimamere-kun. (prefers to be called kun, and refers to self as "boku", because she is a tomboy.)

Chi is a lover of anime, she likes goth-lolita style ones, as well as yandere and comedy ones. she also enjoys reading manga in the same genres. Chi likes joking around, and scaring people, her favorite tactic is jumping behind people when they let they're guard down. Chi likes quoting memes as well.

(When Chi's eyepatch is off, her hair grows (for some weird reason) and is usually seen in two semi wavy pigtails)

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