Name Chine(血音) Saiko(さいこ)

Chine means Blood Sound

Saiko was Chosen because it sounds like Psycho

Both names were chosen to reflect her Yandere nature

Model Utauloid
Model number 39 (displayed on the back of her shirt)
Age 15
Suggested Range C4~C5
usage Flags F0B0g-6 (anything between g-5 and g-11)
Suggested resamplers Utaugrowl,Resampler, Fresamp14
Creator(s) Hibi (concept), Fakestuki(Voice&oto)
Download status Available
Chine Saiko

Saiko`s Act1 boxart

Personality Her personality is is changeable and is up to the user.
Love interest Hatsune Miku (changeable with headcannons_
Character item Usagi, a decorated kitchen knife that Can speak to her (is her best friend)(can be achieved at g-22)

SONGS THUS FAR (Newest to Oldest)

Hachi Hachi Flowery Battle of the Kagamines

Electric Angel (rock ver)

Cat Food

Matryoshka (duet with Utaune Nami)

Magnet (Duet with Utaune Nami)

Sunset Love Suicide

WAVE (put together by FakeTsuki)


Children`s War (with Yoake Nikki)






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