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Not colored, sketch

Chiori Ayato
Meaning: First name has no meaning, but ayato means "one who renders something beautifully" As in the Vocals of course.
GENDER Unknown, Chiori Never discuesses any information about it. VOICE RANGE MaleC3-C5 Female C4-C5 RELATED CHARACTERS

Kiryu Ayato (unmade genderbend of female voicebank)

Natsumi Ayato (unmade genderbend of Male voicebank)

AGE Assumed age: 17 GENRE All HOMEPAGE None
WEIGHT 74KG,163Lbs   CHARACTER ITEM Pepsi-cola Bottle CREATOR Chiori Ayato

Male- Takumi 

Female- Also Takumi

BIRTHDAY Unknown, Chiori 'her' self does not know. LIKES Singing, Hanging out with other utauloids, Ramen, Music, and sleeping MEDIA LIST N/A for now.

November 7th, 2013

Demo song, Hello how are you, can be found here . Used the v.06 vb.

DISLIKES all sweets other then icecream, cookies and chololate. Mean people, being yelled at. Talking about 'her' Gender. SIGNATURE SONG Unfinished
PERSONALITY: Taku (male form) Is very shy, and doesn't get close to people often, though when he does he is really open to them. he is really friendsly and easy to get alone with. He doesn't get mad at anything, though he does seem indiffernt about most things. He is very kind and will do just about anything anyone were to ask. He is fairly femine in his looks, but doesn't really care if someone were to call him a girl or a guy. Chiori is Very femine, but almost the same as taku other then she is very playful, since they are the the same person people get comfused when They switch into eachother. They switch when ever Either of them drink a pepsi, they allways carry one around but almost never drink it, and anyone around them tries not to have them drink it because they think watching one switch into the other is very odd. Due to the differance between them they do go by two different names, though neither care what they are called. It is thought that chiori suffers from a split personality, and that she is really one spefic gender, though that is unknown.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black, long with a golden streek on the right side.

Eye color: Eyes are Golden when female, and light brown when male.

OutfitChiori wears many different outfits, most commonly seen in hoodie or sweatshirt, but when actually singing she wears long black boots, gold lining on the bottom and top, black stockings, and a black skirt that goes 3/4 the way down her thigh, with gold lining at the end. A white long sleeve T-shit and a black, gold outlined sleeveless jacket 

When in male form, chiori would wear short, gold lined boots, and long gold lined black pants, a black short sleeve T-shirt and a white, gold outlined sleeveless jacket.

Nationality/Race: Unknown

Favorite phrase: Is it over?

Voice Configuration

The voice's are still in the demo Stage and can be downloaded here Male   Female  . The Voicebanks will be updated every so often, hopefully getting better with time. May need to oto.

The v.8 verson of the female voicebank can be found Here

The new Offical release of the voicebanks can be found here: Male v1.0 Female v1.0

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