There are three common recording methods to creating an English bank. Each come with various recording lists for implementation.

CVVC English

This method was created by PaintedCz (formerly known as ChezzieChan) and comes in two versions-- lite and full, respectively.

As the name implies, the lite list only covers the basic consonants, vowels, and vowel-consonants, while the full version covers enough to make the bank sing English with more ease. Which list you want to use depends on how many files you want to record and handle.

The lite list is downloadable here and contains 140 stringed samples. (Please note that the owner has taken the list down, and the video was removed.)

The full list is downloadable here and contains 537 samples for the stringed version, or 885 unstringed samples. (Please note, this list has also been removed.)

CVC English

This method has been used by many users, most notably Prince Syo.

Syo's CVC method uses X-SAMPA and is recorded similar to CV, with VC ending in a seperate folder. The beta version of this list and voicebank can be found here .

CV English

This method is the simplest, though most time-consuming. Most people make lists according to what they think they need. One such list can be found here . This method is often referred to as "Engrish" due to its inaccurate, but similar pronunciations of the English language. The accent of the voice provider can affect phonetics greatly, either negatively or positively.

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