(Japanese: クレヴァン・ヴィレアス)

(Crevan - sly) An Irish name meaning "fox," but taken as the characterization of foxes.

(Víreas - virus) The Irish word for "virus"; relates back to her nature.


(What, you couldn't tell?)

VOICE RANGE C2 - C5 (Flags and heavy editing are needed to obtain this range) RELATED CHARACTERS Nobody wants to get wrapped up with her because she'll most likely bite their arm off.
AGE 18 GENRE Rock, rock-esq, and potentially death metal. (Her strong voice is best suited to the more intense genres out there.) HOMEPAGE NONE
WEIGHT 143 lbs (65 kg)

(she's 143 pounds of American.)

CHARACTER ITEM Large black flashlight (She's a virus. A robber. Get it?) CREATOR MioDioDaVinci
BIRTHDAY February 29, 1994 (Technically, her birthday is her release date.) LIKES Creative curses, old-fashioned horror movies, dental floss, and cookies (and not the baked kind) MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE February 29, 2012 DISLIKES The letter "H," VCV in general, noses, anime, and pretty much everyone in existance. SIGNATURE SONG NONE... yet.
PERSONALITY: Crevan is a rampant hacking virus who's morality is in shades of grey. She sees no real right and wrong, only what's fun to do at the moment, namely tear down any establishment and break even the best of relationships in two. She's bold, manipulative, lying, two faced, and quite frankly, a little bitch. Her personality is the result of her insecurity about her appearance and face. Her face is messed up, so why not mess up everyone else's?

Supplemental Information

Hair color: What hair?
Headgear: What head gear?
Eye color: What eyes?
Earphones: What ears?
Other: Well... She has teeth.
Nationality/Race: Full-blooded American

Voice Configuration

This is pretty much ignoring Crevan's ACT 1 bank because nobody will ever use it again.

Crevan is a Mac-based UTAU as she was recorded in Garageband, cut in Audacity, and .oto'd in UTAU-Synth. Previously, she was considered incompatible with WinUTAU, however, a PC fix has been devised for the ACT 2 bank. Simply rename the provided oto_ini.txt as a oto.ini and proceed to enjoy all the mediocrity of her voicebank.

Her romaji-encoded voicebanks can be downloaded below. ACT 1 has basic hiragana aliases (not all) and is incompatible with PC. ACT 2 has all hiragana asliases, is VCV recorded, and is now PC compatible.

Crevan ACT 2: Concert Edition : Japanese VCV with English bonus notes.

Updated Concert Edition .oto_ini.txt

Confirmed PC Fix : for if you happen to have some trouble converting the .oto yourself.


Crevan ACT 1 : Basic Japanese and English bonus notes.

Usage Clause

-This voice bank may be used however you want as long as it keeps to a certain sense of decency (i.e, I don't want to see any sort of inappropriate songs using this voice. No flaming, racism, pornography, expressing hateful views, etc...). However, considering Crevan and the Vocaloid/UTAU fandom, gore, death, and other disturbing images in fact are allowed.

-Should you use this bank, please credit me (i.e. Crevan by MioDioDaVinci).

-Covers, fanart, and fanfiction are perfectly fine and are in fact encouraged! ;u;

-However, Pitchloids are not allowed.

-You may not edit/take samples from the bank or claim it's yours (.oto excluded).

-Edited .oto.ini files may be redistributed, but the bank may not.

-Any art depicting Crevan drawn by MioDioDaVinci may be used in song covers as long as proper credit is given.

-Commercial usage prior to permission is forbidden. Please contact MioDioDaVinci at to discuss permissions.

-I would greatly appreciate it if you link me the songs in which you have used the bank. I would love to see your work! ;u;

-As for any questions, you can contact me using the information below.

SKYPE MioDioDaVinci

Some details are based on existing information and usage experience. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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