Cross is a UTAU too serious and expressionless, with the only one with the speaker is with your partner or your master, try to talk and get an answer is almost impossible

As well as design NEVER changed, if serious only changed by its author

Flatness by kuroneko shion-d6ygrpr

blankness above all, the best weapon Cross

The author believes that change every time the character design ara she starts him on values ​​much

and "blankness" is a "personal touch" of the author, and she is way too inexpressive

the author just thinks that blankness is "mysterious"

besides having some fangirls who think it's "sexy"

so it is normal that the author thinks is awful Cross

Gender Male Voice Range D#3 / A#4 romantic relationships the "fanmade" Kaito "Akaito"
Age 14 but looks 17 GENRE Male Homepage



Weight unknown Item Snow or Chocolate Creator DM



unknown Voice Soucre DM picture link list

Box art pic

Birthdar May 6 Likes chocolate, video games, music Media list NO
Release date May 6 Dislikes the girls (especially bossy), and the fujoshis fundashis and babies

Signature song



Cross bezarius or in Japanese "クロスBezarius" (because the word "Bezarius" has no translation), UTAU is a male with brown hair and brown eyes

created by an author named "DM"

or better known as "Estef", "kuroneko-shion ", "Master" or "DMasterloid"

page of the author is only in Spanish or Italian

and the URL is:

and here is when "national" Cross:

Cross belongs to a list of UTAUs called "The Bezarius Project", the 01 is the project currently has a voicebank Cross whisper (even without demo), also has a series of "brothers" of the project are not nothing recognized and who have not yet come to light, and Cross was recognized only in the project. 

Including its author even think that is a fault in the system UTAU, which it is not. 

Since Cross came to have little fame in 2013 

Even his name is a mixture of "Cross Marian" (D Gray Man) 

And "Oz Bezarius" (Pandora Hearts) 

But none of these characters are familiar


VoiceBanks for Download:

V3 -> VoiceBank

Vocals Magnetic V1 -> VoiceBank

MACloid -> VoiceBank

Electryc System -> VoiceBank


  • Cross was born on May 13, in the little-known project "Bezarius Project "
  • Cross is very serious, if one of the "masters" of NicoNicoVideo does mention more, you will receive a strong rebuke from the author
  • on the topic of "homosexuality", he is the "uke" of the relationship
  • admires the Spanish youtuber called "elrubiusOMG"
  • Cross speaks 3 different languages: the original language (Italian), Spanish and Japanese

not support the girls too sweet, bossy and busty

  • Does not support the girls. 
  • It's the first virtual IDOL from Italia
  • It's a VOCALOID
  • This is the 3D model (for Miku Miku Dance) which is represented with


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