(Japanese: エル • ローウェル - Eru Roueeru)
Elle - Shortened from the name Elenor which means "Shining Light" or "God is my Light"
Lowel - A variant of Lowell (Old French) which means Young Wolf (When the name is spoken whole, it sounds like "LOL" which means laugh out loud)
TYPE: Cyberdoll, (Cyberspace Marionette) - A fictional persona created by a user as an unique avatar for internet web surfing. Originally she was created just for laughs, which helped derive her name. Now from constant use she grew a personality of her own which could be an AI "Ghost" that now takes up 300gb of her user's PC memory and 2gb RAM
MODEL: 707 - This number was given to her for the reason as her creation and name, it you turn it upside down you also get LOL (Elle Lowel)
AGE 29 GENRE Pop Music, Alternitive, Classic and Modern Rock HOMEPAGE

Empty Homepage


WEIGHT 124 lbs (56 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Hot Pockets (always has one on hand, hot and ready, just like Mulder or Skully with their flashlights) CREATOR Phoenix Starrwind
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 5'5" ft (155.5 cm) /
B: 32.28 in (82 cm)
W: 22.04 in (56 cm)
H: 33.46 in (85 cm)

Phoenix Starrwind (Creator)

Originally he wanted to make a voicebank for himself, but the Utau program made his voice more feminine.


Deviantart 1

Deviantart 2

BIRTHDAY September 29, 2005 LIKES Web Surfing, Image and News Boards, Hot Pockets MEDIA LIST Youtube 1
RELEASE DATE January 31, 2011 DISLIKES International Racism, Hipocracy, Spiders of any size, Illegal Drugs. SIGNATURE SONGS None as of yet, two in the making
PERSONALITY: A Mischevous tomboy who isn't afraid to speak her mind. Always seems to appear rude, crass and headstrong but is secretly a responsible and mature person. She's always in a good mood and rarely anything can get under her skin. She can handle being trolled with good graces as well as the normal comebacks.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Light Pink, with various changing hairstyles

Headgear: Retractable Headset

Eye color: Bright Green, sometimes glowing.

Headset: Grey headset with a skull with green illumination, that also gives the Jolly Roger look. Her headset at times can produce a light screen to provide her with viewing the web, or subtitle lyrics of Japanese songs she sings.

Dress: Sleeveless white shirt with frills on her shoulders, a red tie worn loosely around an open collar which bears her image board tripcode. A black corset with grey suspenders, and grey dress with green borders. Her twin bridal gauntlets as well as her stocking are held in place with green bands that have the same green illumination as her headset. Her computech bracers operate like iPads which are used to access the web to retrieve songs or for her own entertainment. Black Gothic Stompers are worn on her feet and rarely used as their namesake.

Nationality/Race: American made Cyberspace Marionette (Cyberdoll)


Voice Configuration

Elle is created to be a Dual Language Utauloid. She has the phenomes to speak and sing in English and can also sing well in Japanese (with a heavy American accent) but she can only know what she's singing if the translations are given to her.

Her voicebank is still in it's development phase, yet it has been deemed ready for deployment.

Because of her creator's effenimate voice, it's best to use these flags to give her the best sound. B0g-10H0Y0

Please look forward to updates.

Usage Clause

As Elle Lowel is an Utauloid she is part of a freeware product and should not be used for finalcial gain. Permissions to use her are as follows.

• Advertizing and Commercial uses might be allowed after a detailed consultation with her creator.

• You may not use Elle to represent anything political or religious. The American National Anthiem is exempt from this.

• You may draw Elle in Anime/Manga format yet it's recommended to draw her American Style. you may also use her for any comic art as long as you keep to her original personality. Guro art/stories must be approved by her creator.

• You may not impersonate or claim to be Elle Lowel or her Creator anytime and anywhere in the internet. You will be found out and possible legal action may be taken.

• If you do anything that can be considered pornographic or NC-17, consent from the creator must be given as content must be shared, also, with her Creator. (=p)


• Elle Lowel was surfing the web for years before she recieved a voice as an Utauloid.

• Once when she was avidly frequenting 4chan, she soon learned the identity protection of tripcodes from the interaction there.

• Her birthdate was her first time posting her name in 4chan's /f/


The voicebank is currently down and will be reuploaded when repaired

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