Daisuke portrait

(Japanese: 元気音ダイスケ- Genkine Daisuke)'

元気音(Genkine; Energetic Sound) - Being modeled after the "shonen hero" character type, he is very full of energy and spunk.
ダイスケ(Daisuke; Big Help) - His given name means "big help" but it was not chosen for its meaning.

When the new multiple voice banks are used, sometimes is called Genkine Daisuke NEO

TYPE: Anime Archetype
MODEL: Ani01 - His model name is printed on his upper leg, usually covered by his shorts.

Pretty Getter Miki (Same series)

AGE 12 GENRE His fire voice bank is only suitable for metal. His water voice bank is more suitable for songs requiring softer vocals. Earth may be difficult to use, and wind is an all-around voice bank for general purposes. HOMEPAGE None
WEIGHT Unknown CHARACTER ITEM Dice (Derived from the "daisu" in "Daisuke") CREATOR Ninjamitsuki
BIRTHDAY Unknown LIKES Adventuring, battles, challenges, taking risks, and shorts because they're comfy and easy to wear. MEDIA LIST NinjaMitsuki's Vocaloid and UTAU playlist
RELEASE DATE I forgot... DISLIKES "Girly boy" UTAUloids (AKA "Pico Shotas"), cheaters, liars, and anything dishonest or unjust. SIGNATURE SONG Desert Bluebird
PERSONALITY: He is very hyperactive, and is modeled after the "typical shonen hero" anime archetype. He is known to leave things to chance, making decisions based on dice rolls or coin flips.

Supplemental Information

Story: This backstory is just for fun and can choose to play along with it or completely ignore it and just use his singing voice. He is an android that is almost perfectly human, complete with blood and a full personality. The only sign of him being artificial is that his hat is screwed onto his head and will not come off. He is programmed to act like the "spunky young adventurer" commonly seen in anime and games. He travels the world for the fun of it, though he has some desire to know why he was created and who created him. However, he doesn't actively seek his purpose out on his neverending journey and only thinks of it like "Maybe I'll find out some day".

Hair and hat: Hair is bright green. He wears a red backwards baseball cap with an almost bladelike tuft of hair sticking out of the hole usually reserved for ponytails. His hat is permanantly attached to his head.

Outfit: Blue shorts, a blue shirt with a green tie, and a blue cap. Full Body Art

Eye color: Azure

Voice Configuration

The original Genkine Daisuke is no longer supported. He has been replaced by Genkine Daisuke NEO, who has four append-like voices. Fire is a rough, gravely and poor quality angry voice, Earth is a deep voice, water is a soft voice, and wind is a higher quality version of the original Genkine Daisuke. His voice banks are sporadically being tweaked.

Earth Download

Fire Download

Water Download

Wind Download

Usage Clause

Feel free to use Daisuke however you please, just be sure to give credit to ninjamitsuki and do not claim him as your own. Using or depicting Daisuke in anything sexually toned, art or songs, is forbidden. (Light romance, including BL, is okay) If making a song using Daisuke that could otherwise offend people, please seek approval from ninjamitsuki first.

Written by the author NinjaMitsuki The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice

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