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Dashte Gokoeno

Japanese: ゴコエノダシテ - Gokoeno Dashte (Dashite)

ダシテ Dashte (Dashite) - Can mean offerer or lender. Meaning is not completely accurate since Dashite is not a real Japanese name and is only a part of a couple phrases, it is not used as one word. Dashite can be used in phrases like "genkidashite" which means "cheer up" or "keep up your strength."
ゴコエノ Gokoeno - Can possibly mean "of your voice." ごこえの だして can also mean "let out of your voice." Again, Gokoeno is not a real Japanese name and is also not real Japanese. The creator of Dashte has specific reasons why he is named this way.

TYPE: UTAUloid / FURloid



Ayaka Yukimura (close friend)

Okama Tsuyoine (friend)


95 lbs.
(44 kg)

CHARACTER ITEM Buttered Toast CREATOR Yoshikage Inuma
HEIGHT 5'9" feet (152.4 cm) VOICE SOURCE Yoshikage Inuma PICTURE LINK LIST Dashte Icon (by FastSpeedy on DA)
BIRTHDAY December 4 LIKES Music, Speedy (idol), His Voice, Computers, Friends MEDIA LIST Youtube
RELEASE DATE December 4, 2011 DISLIKES Math, His Mispelled Name, Zucchini SIGNATURE SONG N/A
PERSONALITY: When he's around people he doesn't know he just listens to his music and stays silent, but Dashte loves to make a fool of himself around his friends. He isn't afraid to lick people either.

Supplemental Information

Fur: Brown (or Dark Red)
Eye color: Green
Earphones: None
Blue Jeans, Green or Blue Converse, Green Armwarmers, No Shirt, Belt with brown plastic tail, Tan and Blue Scarf or Seperate collar in colors of German Flag attaced to neck
Nationality/Species: German-Japanese / Brown Husky

(Born tailless, he likes to wear a belt with a brown plastic tail to substitute.)

Voice Bank


VCV Lite:

Please Note: Editing of his voicebank is PROHIBITED without permission from the author.

Project Diva 2nd/Extend Model

A Custom DLC module has been made for Dashte.
PJDEX 0019

If you have CFW for your PSP or PSP Go and you have Project Diva 2nd or Project Diva Extend, you can download him here (in the KAITO section):

You can see this model in action at:

Model made by Yoshikage Inuma (known as Dyspnia on the forum above).

This article is written and certified true and correct by the author of the character. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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