(Japanese: 次音デセンバー- つぎねでせんばー - Tsugine Desenbā/December)


次音 (Tsugine) - Roughly translated to "Next sound", which refers to, that he's the second UTAU by the voicer.

デセンバー (December) - No meaning, besides it follows the Tsukiloid theme.

TYPE: Tsukiloid.

MODEL: 1211 - A mix of his and November's month number. Also the day of release . Located on his right sleeve by his shoulder.




June Kaihatsune(Fellow Tsukiloid and genderbend)

May Ishikawa(Fellow Tsukiloid)

January Fuyuhana (Fellow Tsukiloid)

NOVEMBER Ameshita (Fellow Tsukiloid, doesn't want to comment further on their relationship )

February Dekiaine (Fellow Tsukiloid)

March Yasashiika (Fellow Tsukiloid)


≈80 kg (176 'lbs)

CHARACTER ITEM Salad or subwoofer CREATOR Astamussepus

186 cm


PHONONEME ENCODING Romaji with hiragana aliases COUNTRY Denmark
BIRTHDAY Same as release date LIKES November, salad (or just healthy food), sports, music and guitars. MEDIA LIST



RELEASE DATE December 11th DISLIKES November, cooking, June, Rook, dresses. NEWCOMER SONG UNKNOWN
PERSONALITY: He's tsundere, but he can't see it himself and therefore hates when people tell him that he is one. He looks a lot like June, and they act alike sometimes, except that December is tsundere and June is not. When it comes to getting a hint, he's totally lost, you have to tell him directly, what you want. He can change his mind in a split second, and he's very stubborn. He doesn't want to stand out, or look like anything else than a regular boy. That's why he refuses to wear dresses, even though November (nicknamed Nov) and June want him to wear one. He doesn't want to admit that he actually likes cooking either. June knows a lot about him and his past, but he doesn't want anyone to know, even though he hasn't done anything wrong. Has a great memory, and therefore hardly forgive people for what they do, even if they apologize.

Character Design Edit

Hair : Blonde (with a bit orange) and messy. The bangs are like June's.

Eyes: Dark shade of red (darker than June's)

Headphones: Same as June's

Clothing: A red suit jacket with black sleeves and turquoise model number. In the middle of the jacket there's horizontal, turquoise colums that changes, according to which song he's singing. Under his suit jacket, he's wearing a white tank top, with turquoise play, pause and stop buttons on. Wears black collar like June with an on/off function (which you need a special key for). His knee-lengthed pants are red too and has white circles with a black center by his knees.

Footwear: Red and trumpet shaped (a short version of June's boots)

Nationality: Danish.

Voicebank Edit

ACT 1: Not released

ACT 2: Coming soon

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