Lupe S. Deruta

(Japanese: デルタ・S・ルペ  - Deruta RupeFull name: Lupe Smoke Deruta )

ALIAS:  (Okami; her first name was Okami Delta.)
デルタ (Deruta; Is the 4th letter of the Greek alphabeth and refers to the creators nickname: Alpha. It also refers to her nationality since Delta is a railway station in Brussels, the capital of Belgium). 

スモーク (Smoke: I guess the meaning needs no explanation? It's a shout-out to one of the creators old OC's. Adding Smoke as middle name gave the opportunity to make a pun that's not going to get mentioned on the wikia, just think about it. The full explanation is on her charahub.)
ルペ (Lupe; #1 wolf. It's a nickname for the Spanish name Guadalupe. But when it's written as Lup, it's just the Romanian word for wolf. #2 It's also a pun on the Greek word Λύπη (Lúpê/Lýpi̱) which means regret or sorrow #3 It's a Hawaiian form of Ruby, referring to the main color of her design, being Red.).

TYPE: Alphapoid (αぽいど or  あるふぁぽいど)

Yuwakune Megami (The only person that matters)

Spicane Rira (Stinky glow-in-the-dark duck)

RAU (Cousin)

CUL (Idol)

AGE Unknown GENRE Any HOMEPAGE Her Charahub
BIRTHDAY 7 may LIKES Meat and fire MEDIA LIST Playlist Youtube

7 may 2012 (as Okami Delta)

16 april 2014 (As Lupe S. Deruta)

DISLIKES Dogs, colors, crowded places, people who are too talkative, cold, sunglasses, grass, smelly people, tall girls, pretty girls, sweets, unresponsive computers,  jellyfishes, musicals, Rira, polite people, people who point out spelling mistakes, grocery stores, Christmas, monkeys, wasps ,fruit, dirt, stiff necks, sandals, heat, long conversations, frogs, cellphones, sweating, everything that she wants but doesn’t have, chalk, Facebook, chats, baby animals, writing, long stories, wasting food, Lypse, songs that are longer than 4 minutes, having an itchy back, paper, dustbins, noise, demons, non-demons, humans, having cold hands, runny noses, noses in general, har bad eye condition, her looks, her height, giggling people, spam, public toilets (especially when you have to pay), paper cuts, getting something in her eye (she only has one, let it be), acne, sunburn, phone-obsessed people, fitness, PDA, blisters, being told to calm down, overly emotional people, hysterica, people who fall asleep before midnight, small talks, people who do the duckface, selfies, chores, twittering birds (especially in the morning) , noise on a radio, wrinkled sticky tape, having an itchy skin, meeting up before 10 AM, meeting up in general, ticking clocks, waking up early, children, wet towels, fingerprints on screens, Fairytales, bad jokes, huge birds, burnt food, over ripe fruit and haters SIGNATURE SONG

【 DEMO】 スレッドネイション 【UTAUカバ】


PERSONALITY: Lupe is anti-social and gets annoyed by the slightest things. There's always a reason behind her bad mood. Most people seem to be scared away because of her gruff behavior, so she has little to no friends. When somebody tries to approach her, it's still very hard to hold a conversation. Except when she feels like complaining and searches for someone to listen to her rants. However, she doesn't seem to mind her lonely life at all. In fact, it's one of the only things she never mentions as annoying. She hates almost everything. Of course there are things she also loves, for example, she repeatedly fails to resist impulses to deliberately start fire. However she refuses to admit that she has Pyromania, and explains that her love for fire is that big, that she wants to see everything burn.

Supplemental Information

Hair : Long Lava red hair, with (almost invisible) amber highlights. It's tied in a low ponytail and refers a bit to the tail of an animal.

Headgear: Gray headphone that looks like animal ears.

Specie: Half Demon

Sin: Gluttony and Envy (She's a half demon, so she has no main sin like her cousins)

Eye color: Amber/Gold

Favourite Food: French fries (Yeah, I wanted something from her country), Bacon. Actually, everything salty and unhealty.

Nationality/Race:  Belgian

Favorite phrase: "Tsk."

Color sheme: The colors of the Belgian flag (*black-yellow-red **which is practically a simple rip-off of the german one). Red is the main color in her design, to be more precise 'fire engine red'. The yellow, was changed into golden.

Extra information:

- Lupe is colorblind, that's also why she hates colors.

- It happens quite a lot she wears clothes that totally don't match, because, again, she can't see the colors.

- She doesn't like dogs because she loves wolves. Wild dogs. When she sees a dog, she can barely see a wolf in it.

- Lupe adores Megami, most people mistake her adoration for a crush, untill they discover they are family.

- Even though she complains about almost everything, she doesn't see the point in 'hating' (such as, posting hate comments or ranting about something in public) because she thinks it's a waste of her time.


Quick otsoa deruta headshot by alphaapocalypse-d7cwa1x

Her genderbend is called Otsoa Deruta. Otsoa is Basque for Wolf. He's appearance are practically the same as Lupe.



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