2013-05-26 05.22.16 pm
Diselle Yoshi

(Japanese: )

Name Interpretation


Model: 1.2

Gender  Female Voice Range  n/a Related Character

Momoe Ikari 

Age 16 Genre Any; Preferably Soft & Pop Homepage
Weight 121 lbs Character Item Strawberries Creator nelieltu-bleach
Height 4'11" Voice Source sammyatro Picture list
Birthday July 21st Likes media list
release date May 26, 2013 Dislikes Signature Song
PERSONALITY: Diselle, is very athletic, fun, and outgoing. She is almost always smiling, though she is sensitive and hates being teased by anyone taller than her. She has a complex about being short and hates being called little or small. She's also a closet otaku and the only one who knows is Momoe. She denies this fact all the time~

Supplemental Information

  • Hair Color
    Utau request design by amaikandy-d5zsekz
  • Eye Color: light blue
  • Nationality

Voicebank Downloads & Configuration

  • please do not steal Diselle's voicebank or use in an inapproiate way.


Usage Clause

  • You may NOT re-distrubute her voicebank.
  • You may NOT claim her as your own.
  • Do NOT change her appearance in anyway, unless for a cover.
  • Do NOT pitch her voice and change her into a pitchloid.


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