E-M-UTAU no longer exists. Sorry. It has been merged with theParaloids Homepage. You will find further instructions there. Thanks! ==Emmy and Maddi's UTAU Service == Emmy and Maddi's UTAU Service, or E&M's UTAU Service, is a group made up of two friends, Emmy and Maddi, who will help you out with getting your UTAU set up on the wiki, and more!

Our email is, so please email us for anything you need! For any additional info we strongly reccomend that you visit our website:

Be sure to:

  • Tell us if you may be late to reply! We need speedy replies, and we can only make an exception if you tell us beforehand!

  • Give us all the info we need!-

Boxart- a detailed description of what your UTAU looks like and any preferences on the artwork itself.

oto.ini- language aliases, etc.

Be patient! Oto.inis take a while, as may boxart!


Maddi is the one in control of oto.ini making. If you have an oto.ini request, she's the one! Please include your UTAU's voicebank download.

Boxart, etc.

The art is Emmy's job! :3 If you want to have a peek at my art before you send us a request, here it is!

Emmy: Here

Wiki page

Another thing we'll do is make an UTAU wiki page for you! Since the form has many things that need to be filled out, we need to be able to ask you everything all at once, whether it be email, Yahoo Messenger, or the like. We'll give you the question(example: your UTAU's age) and you can send it back to us filled out. If it is not known put UNKNOWN, or N/A. See email above. We use the profile generator, so we always give you the option to do it yourself because the generator is open to the public.

UST requests

UST Requests ARE open, but you must supply a MIDI file of the song you want to be a UST. You may be able to find the sang already as a UST here, or find a MIDI of your song here. If you can't find a MIDI and you really, really, need a UST, then send me(Emmy) the song. I have a friend who may be able to make a MIDI for you.

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