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Electro.Stop Song

This is a list of songs sung by Utauloids in the E.S 1 Series and E.S II Series

E.S1 Juni Ginkuro

Mozaik Role (Youtube)

What's COLOR (Youtube)

Rolling Girl (Youtube)

Under The Darkness (Youtube)

Cantarella (Youtube)

Panda Hero [Still in Production]

Pandashka (Panda Hero Matryoshka Remix) [Still in production]

E.S2 Kai Kashine

Meltdown (Youtube)

The Power of Words (Ali Project) (Youtube)

Panda Hero [Still in production]

E.SV Shizuka Kotone

Love Is War (Youtube)

Panda Hero [Still in production]

E.SIX Akane Mikazuki

Melt (Youtube)

Knowledge Of The Late Madness (Youtube)

Dear You (Youtube)

Regret Letter (Youtube)

E.SX Amaya Koumori

Love Is War (Youtube)

Corruption Garden (Youtube)

Toeto (Youtube)

From Y To Y (Youtube)

Pianissimo (Youtube)

The Last Revolver (Youtube)

I Like You, I Love You (Youtube)

Panda Hero (Youtube)


E.S1 Juni Ginkuro & E.S2 Kai Kashine

Matryoshka (Youtube)

E.S1 Juni Ginkuro & E.SX Amaya Koumori

Go Goolge It (Youtube)

E.SIX Akane Mikazuki & E.SX Amaya Koumori

Magnet (Youtube)

World's End Dance Hall (Youtube)

Trick or Treat (Youtube)


E.S1 Juni Ginkuro, E.S2 Kai Kashine, E.SV Shizuka Kotone

Panda Hero Chorus [Still in production]

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