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エイリ(Eiri)- No Translation.

TYPE: Subaloid



AGE 17-18 GENRE Adaptable HOMEPAGE Youtube



HEIGHT 5'0"FT (152.4 cm) VOICE SOURCE Liddell/Naito PICTURE LINK LIST Piapro, Pixiv, DeviantArt, Gelbooru, Google

March 14th

(Voice Bank Completed)

LIKES Feta Cheese, the Moon, reading. MEDIA LIST Youtube Nico

August 1, 2012

DISLIKES Loud noises, confrontations. SIGNATURE SONGS

Campanella (Youtube)

戯言スピーカー (Youtube)

WAVE (Youtube)


Eiri is a very silent individual. He does not speak unless absolutely necessary and at a glance seems apathetic and/or socially inept. He loves to take pictures, though. Of everything. If one got him to talk about it, he would say it is to preserve his memories. Eiri's personality can sometimes be reminiscent of a tsundere factor. He acts as though he doesn't want your love, but often times, will turn right around and try to get some of it.

Note: His personality is allowed to be adjusted to a degree depending on the situation. Also, his personality does not limit him to song choice.

Supplemental Information

Hair: Long and shaggy, reaching down to his backside when not tied up. White.
Headgear: A brown/orangeish headband with a triangle pattern and a gold ring that holds his hair into a ponytail.
Eye color: Golden/Hazel
Outfit: Black turtleneck with detached sleeves that are rolled up to his elbows. Over that is a very loose boat-neck white shirt. Navy jeans tucked into brown calf-high boots. Brown belt with golden accents, and a gold necklace with a brown and white feather. He also has a golden earring on his left ear, as well as a ear cuff.
Hands: Black wristband (Left), Gold bangle/bracelet (Right)
Feet: Calf-high brown boots.
Nationality: ???

IMPORTANT: Though he was originally released with the surname "Shimizu", please do not associate this name with him any long. This is by the request of his creator for personal reasons.

Voice Configuration

Core Voicebank: Act 1
CV Japanese bank with a few English sounds.

  • Default Flags: B0H0Y0
  • He sounds best with Model4.exe. Experimentation encouraged.
  • I strongly encourage experimentation with resamplers and flags.
  • For "Hyper Shota Eiri": Add g-10 flags.

Append Banks

Currently, Eiri has no appends.

Future Voicebanks

VCV Japanese: Eiri will be receiving a VCV bank shortly. This bank will be publicly distributed.

English: In the future, Eiri will receive a CVVC English bank. This bank will be publicly distributed.

Concept Art

MMD Models

Usage Clause

  • Editing his OTO is acceptable in the event that he needs it. Please do not steal OTOs or claim the work, unless you actually have altered them. Hoshi/EvieSkye did this work. Not you.
  • He is not allowed to be used for hateful purposes.
  • He is not allowed to be redistributed unless Liddell/Naito's permission is given.
  • You are not allowed to claim him or anything associated with him (samples, art, design, etc.). If you were associated with a project then you will receive credit on your contribution.
  • Editing of his oto.ini is allowed.
  • Using Liddell/Naito's artworks anywhere without permission is strictly prohibited. This includes and is not limited to, roleplay, websites and imageboards. If you would like to use Eiri in any matter please contact Liddell/Naito. That being said, drawing him in fanart is encouraged and loved. Artistic freedom is encouraged.
  • Contact if you have any questions that are not answered here: deviantArt // Youtube // Email

This article is written and certified true and correct by the author of the character. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.</table> |}

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