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Echiko cover
Echiko Matsuri
The Voice Bank is the result of a competition for voice for Echiko Matsuri - the mascot of the Association Animatsuri.
AGE about 16 GENRE Almost every song HOMEPAGE Official webpage
WEIGHT unknown CHARACTER ITEM watermelon ice-cream CREATOR Medivox
HEIGHT unknown VOICE SOURCE Magdalena "Inu" Marek PICTURE LINK LIST Facebook Photos
BIRTHDAY unknown OTO.INI CONFIGURATION Joasia "Fyne" Kamińska BELONGS TO Association Animatsuri
RELEASE DATE 07/07/2014 PROJECT COORDINATOR Piotrek "Medivox" Icikowski SIGNATURE SONG Yume to Hazakura

VoiceBank Info

Echiko currently has a Japanese CV bank, entitled "Echiko Matsuri". It is in romaji with hiragana aliases.

Usage clause

Do whatever you like as long as it doesn't go against Ameya/Ayame's rules. Also when someone ask you about Echiko, link that person to her official site/UTAU Wikia site.

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