Eclipse Shizuka
Eclipse Shizuka

Eclipse is the bad boy of the shizuka twins. He was created in a lab that was a total disaster. A black hole combined with a light orb from the moon. Eclipse has a huge crush on Mako Nagone. Having gakupo as his idol is the worst thing that comes on his mind. He sounds like a robotic kiddish mixture of Gakupo and Kaito. His item is a black hole. He uses it to import to different dimentions. He likes to read comic books like manga and gets interrupted by Greg (Toby) Kasuke. He likes to protect the living humans of the world. Eclipse is a LUNAROID which is a pun for MOONLOID but its in italian. Eclipse is 14 years old but has a hard time trying to get Mako's love when shes 21 and hes 14.

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