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(Japanese: 間違う音エイキ - まちがうねえいき - Machigaune Eiki)
ALIAS: 有罪 (Yuuzai) - (Alternate last name, Original production name)
間違う音 (Machigaune; Wrong sound, mistake sound)
鋭気 (Eiki; Courage, elan)
MODEL: 404 - (Refers to HTTP error 404 "page not found," due to issues with UTAU not recognizing the old .wav files.)
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE Aproximately C3-C5 RELATED CHARACTERS Kazaki Machigaune (Brother or Gender bend.)
Kagamine Rin (Creepy fan of)
AGE 20 GENRE UNKNOWN HOMEPAGE Machigaune Eizaki Machi
WEIGHT 165 lbs (75 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Grape Fanta and red paint CREATOR MachiKaachou
HEIGHT 5'6" feet (167 cm) VOICE SOURCE MachiKaachou PICTURE LINK LIST Concept art: Act.1, Act. 2, VCV, PIAPRO, PIXIV, DEVIANT ART
BIRTHDAY September 16, 2007 (Conceptualized) LIKES Kagamine Rin, platforming games and shmups (shoot 'em ups, bullet hell) MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE September 16, 2012 DISLIKES Dying and doing badly in platforming games. SIGNATURE SONG NONE
PERSONALITY: She might seem bad-tempered and hard to approach, but is actually incredibly shy. Even so, she doesn't mind talking to people (though she will almost never start a conversation herself.)

A big fan of Kagamine Rin. She gets weird about it, but is ultimately harmless (too awkward to actually do anything.) Mostly indifferent towards Len, which might be a good thing (?) Officially uses Boku, but this can be ignored.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Brown, tied in a high ponytail
Headgear: Headphones
Eye color: Brown, same as the hair color
Earphones: Grey and light grey. Adjustable.
Outfit: Act.1: Shirt is primarily purple, and the pants are light red. Has a small belt thing clipped to the pants (optional.) Act.2: She wears a long-sleeved purple shirt under a purple and red coat. Her trousers are a light red with a purple stripe down the sides.
Nationality/Race: Hypothetically Japanese
Other: クォート:あれ何か違うのか?

Voice Notes

Eiki is designed only for the Japanese Language (It might be possible to make her sing in other languages, but the results will likely be rough. Act.2 has some extra consonants, mainly for increased Engrish ability.) Her voice data is written in Kana with Romaji aliases.

Act.1: retired!

Act.2 DL link can be found here (demo)

A2HDVCV link can be found here (demo)

AvE SOFT PLUS is currently delayed (old demo + Kazaki Flags Voice)

This article is written and certified true and correct by MachiKaachou. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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