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Ekoloid Eko

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part of the Echoing Utauloid series

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Name: Eko Ekoloid

Age: 16

Release date- 2/15/12

Hair: green and shaggy

Eyes: dark blue

Clothes: green shirt grey pants

Other: green wings no headset

Personality: awkwardly tries to be aloof, split personalities. generally very superior acting if he knows you. likes to play victim.

Relationships: Himiko a vocaloid OC is his girlfriend.

Siblings: Mary-onette(unreleased)

Likes: being in control, being alone, computer games, winning.

Dislikes: things out of his control, crowded areas, nature, losing.

Item: his wings

Height- 5'11"

Weight- 210lbs

sounds good when tuned


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